TM Fluid Dispenser
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About us

TM is a dynamic manufacturer, a strong and tight team that puts together the experience of the historic founders and the energy of fresh youth, all coordinated and filled with professionality.
The Italian manufacturer was founded in the early 2000 and since its start it placed itself on the highway to becoming an excellence center for fluid applications, and today claims a unique know-how that covers all innumerable facets of dosing problems.


This was made possible also because TM lives within the most important automation district, that of Bologna, worldwide renowned for its capacity and creative genius.


TM has several international patents for fluid treating and dosing –and more are pending- to protect and flourish a intellectual heritage and assets that includes innovative machines and technologies, developed to give always the best and exclusive solution to customers and market issues. The company builds internally the components used for the set-up of its systems and machines, demonstrating an extreme care towards the creation of the finished product, which passes through a meticulous control of the various production processes.


TM in fact has structured itself in order to give quick answers to a market, which is constantly running and developing, always seeking performance, efficiency, control. TM for its customers is today more a partner than a mere supplier.